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Water Cycle and Watersheds

Follow the instructions:

  • Click on ‘Internet Explorer.”
  • Type in (or click on) the following web address: http://techalive.mtu.edu/meec/module01/title.htm

  • Follow the instructions for each page in the program.

  • Write your answers on the worksheet provided.  Use complete sentences.

Watershed Concept

  1. What is a watershed?

What is a watershed?

  1. Describe a watershed.

  1. Vocab: Tributaries

Michigan Watersheds

  1. Find the watershed where you live. What is the watershed’s name?

Hydrologic Cycle

  1. Make a simple sketch with labels.


  1. Vocab: Precipitation

  1. Vocab: Condense


  1. Vocab: Water table

  1. Make a simple sketch showing infiltration. (Be sure to use the diagram that best shows infiltration.)

Ground Water Flow

  1. Vocab: saturation


  1. List two effect of runoff.


  1. What effect do the following have on evaporation?

    1. Wind speed

    1. Temperature

    1. Humidity


  1. What is it?

The Hydrologic Cycle Quiz

  1. How many times did it take for you to get the quiz all correct?

Stream Flow

Land Use and the Hydrograph

Urban vs. Rural Runoff

Hydrograph Sound

  1. Check it out! (...but keep volume low :)

Water Management Control Structures

  1. List two kinds.

Great Lakes Water Levels

  1. What is one effect of high water levels?

  1. What is one effect of low water levels?

Emerging Issue: Water Availability

Emerging Issue: Inter-Basin Water Transfer

  1. What percent of the nation’s freshwater is contained in the Great Lakes?

Everyone Lives Downstream

  1. What does this mean?


  1. You are finished. Feel free to go back and review.

Finishing Up

  1. On your computer, log off. Complete the assignment by the due date